2011. augusztus 22., hétfő 01:00

Napi ajánló - Révai Sára fotói

Révai Sára képeit ajánljuk figyelmetekbe, aki a tavalyi civil majális Humana fotóversenyének győztese. Még adósai vagyunk egy önálló kiállitás szervezésével, de addig is nézzétek meg saját honlapját.

"When I was a small girl I used to pretend to take a photo of everything I noticed and I wanted to keep by making a funny movement with the hand.
A bit later I realised that these moments could actually be caught and kept, you just need a camera. Well, I got one, and the picturefactory was launched. Photographing for me was like talking to someone sincerely. For me this is the most expressive means of communication, it is through my pictures that I can show people the best how I see the world and what my world is like. Besides the actual image, I intend to communicate feelings and thoughts with my pictures.

When I photograph people the most important is to tell the most about their personality even with one single picture. Photographing children is an especially gratifying theme, as this always undisguised sincerity appears on their faces. But the image of a street, a building, a tree or even a puddle can express emotions, one just has to notice them to be able to visualise them in a picture."

Tovább a honlapra (sararevai.com)

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